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examination the instrument to spread

Le 4 July 2014, 09:00 dans Humeurs 0

Inside, people Jing exhibitted part to illegal act a product.Clench to illegal act a thing with the color shape for this morning 10:00, Mr. Liu and lover to arrive at a long sand car west station.While checking over Anne, Mr. Liu encountered Anne to check an obstructing of personnel and called that he wraps in have suspicious liquid.Mr. Liu puzzles that the suspicious liquid that the ground opens baggage, scans is unexpectedly a bottle of pure water, for the sake of safe rise to see, he on the spot drink next one mouthful."Really have never thought, Anne's checking will be so strict!"Mr. Liu's regrets.Anne checks personnel's introduction, can judge if it is a suspicious product with product color and shape lending the baggage examination the instrument to spread.Undernike zoom kd vi cheap the general circumstance, metal packing will assume a blue in the computer, the plastics packs then orange, combine a product mostly outline, can estimate to touch a traveller to wrap inside of product.As long as is the product that there is easy Ran on the packing easily exploding marking, can not take to get on the car.But people Jing introduce, these accept to pay come of illegal act a product will ascend to hand over a related section to carry on a concentrated processing.In addition, student's summer vacation goes back and forth a distance the person flow high peak to expect to come, Mr. hands over public order branch office to strengthen police force in each bus station and ensure a safe of citizen line.The perfumed toilet water ascends a contraband first scorching summer, the mosquito walks sideways and illegal act the first hit in the product of is a perfumed toilet water.Stand in the car west Anne check, from

From 6:30 a.m. to 10:00, the staff member has already accepted to pay 8 bottles of perfumed toilet waters.According to understand, the stand to accept to pay in May of illegal act a product 2911 in, have 777 bottles of perfumed toilet waters."There is alcohol composition in the perfumed toilet water, if run into clear fire to result in dismay very easily."People Jing Li Hong Ji mean.BE illegaling act product exhibition on the stage, in addition to perfumed toilet water, imitate a true gun, control knife to have, the chemistry medicine products, such as, insecticide, alcohol and paint...etc., air delightfully fresh products, such as, lighter, firecrackers, hair spray and agrochemical...etc. also the row is therein.Li Hong Ji says that be like non- Jing duty the personnel take of Jing stick, hunting rifle, take more than 5 lighters etc. circumstance, will give confiscation, and chicken, duck's living birds will be also requested that changing multiplies by other pileup.Three whole media reporter, Yang Yu, , trainee, Huang Chen Yu, , nike air max hyperdunk 2012 for salecorrespondent Xiao the Qian data grow a police department public transportation public order in sand City management branch office data suggest, since 2014, people Jing from long sand car east station, west station, south station, north station, long bus station in the stub pond and train the south stand 6 stations, the total amount accepted to pay more than 20,000 contrabands, among them, each kind of compression air is 8507 bottles, control knife to have 1213, the perfumed toilet water is 4487 bottles, varnish 628 bottles of, the lighter air is 2061, imitate a true gun 60, the other dangerous goodseses are 4307.Case

Example January 9, 2012, long sand train station, a young female passenger was checked a personnel by Anne to please to arrive a part, originally pulled an each color of box nail polish putting in pole luggage to bring calamity.After knowing that a full box of nail polishes can not take to get on the car, the female passenger hurriedly stirs a dozen of colleagues' telephone and gets nail polish to walk for her.People net Wenzhou gives or gets an electric shock this morning on June 13 around 7:50, take place inside Long Wan Qu last river's road in Wenzhou one common people's houses in the advanced road neighborhood coal gas to explode trouble.Many citizen were having breakfast at that time, the three among those kitchens staff member got hurt and had already sent to a hospital to save to cure currently.After matter delivers, fire fight, 120 personnels like first aid car,etcs quickly arrive to the spot.Through nike air more uptempo cheapcheck, discover three coal gas bottles on the scene.According to the introduction, the matter hair orders to a fast food shop, is the simple building of a brick wall structure.The nearby residents heard one huge to ring at that time, later on common people's houses sky immediately the Teng rise a thick heavy white smoke, there is obvious earthquake feeling on the scene.Close a reporter to send report, 3 more heavy personnels get hurt have already accepted to sew treatments like needle,etc at the hospital, have no big Ai.(Is yellow good)south all Xun reporter Rao virtuous great correspondent Zhang Chao March, this year, the Phoenix Wei sees a social visibility column the eyes take"Gai in Dongguan helps a survey" as and reported crime regiment is used various very the means make people to cripple, pressing beg

be subjected to help information

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Bad behavior.Yesterday, government news office in Dongguan outward notification said, public security official section in Dongguan discovered after begging the picture carried on to inquire into to 33 video frequencies that shoulded report to disclose, 29 came from an Internet and didn't in Dongguan take a location all;A picture contents arrives the spot survey after checking thoroughly complain for March 22, 2006 pond Xia police of Dongguan connecting processing to beg behavior;The rest is still 3 at further the pit check in.The notification said that at the same time, the city public security official the section pit checked 2000 the whole citieses petition for record and 2004 year Citieses, the salvage station establishes of more than 90,000 personnels be subjected to help information, 2006 the whole citieses wade to beg a personnel to connect to report to the police an information, also along with 197 video nike lebron 10 for salefrequency data that mendicant usually appears a location that upper grade public security official's section checks medium to have video frequency supervision a week before reporting, go deep into to touch check clues completely, and examine to actually beg a personnel to one by one build up a file to the row.Through the row examine actually, up to June 10, the whole citieses totally have every variety to beg a personnel 120, among them, the nonage is 6, 114 adults;The disable and sick personnel is 45, healthily beg 75 personnels.In the disable and sick person, the inborn is 30 disable and sick, 15 disable and sick the day after tomorrow, among them, the industrial injury is to destroying 3, traffic accident to destroy 2, a fire to destroy 3, other accidents to destroy 7.Particularly the item goes

Move in, public security official's section totally checks place 2 individual personnels make use of the illegal case that the others begs and made to 3 illegal personnels by law punishment.Notification enunciation, connect down, public security official's section in Dongguan still checks a perfect row and fights to manipulate to beg a personnel illegally a crime work mechanism, request people Jing to discover beg personnel especially disable and sick personnel or child of, have to attain "is five a", then create a hand written record, clap a set of photograph, beat a fingerprint, adopt a saliva sample and deliver a survey letter, thorough control to beg a personnel basic circumstance, discover an illegal crime from it of clues.The city city tube section will organize a full-time troops to strengthen for patroling downtown each main trunk highway, to the persuasion, guide that begs a personnel.The citizen government section then will strengthen to the persuasion salvage that wanders about the streets to beg a personnel on their own initiative, nike lebron soldier 6 cheappractical for have the divagation to need to beg a personnel to provide service.In addition, Dongguan will also devote major efforts to encourage agency work, volunteer and other society organizations, actively concern and salvage wander about the streets to beg a personnel, betterly the guarantee divagation begs the personnel's rights.The farmland enjoys China"deeply dig ecological devastation environment crime back of job crime, scathing stroke'protection umbrella'."This is the high check news Xiao a kind of jade of spokesman on the 12th on the news conference of declare.This back is a recent years

To the environmental protection realm problem repeatedly deliver, taking charge of of pollution of the environment back delinquent in duty ditch job crime problem severity.Lyu in Shanghai helps a wreath property Wei pair director, Wu Rong Liang, tell first finance and economics newspaper, pollution of the environment affairs back almost have the officials of the government the problem for blaspheming job malpractice.This, the check Cha organization also noticed.2013-2014 April, yearses, the whole country checks Cha organization at crowd particularly item work in totally check to do to involve an ecoenvironment of profane job crime the case is 1545 people, January, 2014 among those years checks to do 349 people to April.According to the high check ditch job infringement check Cha hall the honest introduction of deputy commissioner Lee, at present ecoenvironment realm ditch the job crime has three greatest characteristicses:One is a crime the suspects take charge of personnel and law enforcement official for basic more and nike zoom lebron solider 6weigh a big case proportion is higher especially;Two is case connection strong, check to do of in the case, involve of personnel, realm and section is as extensive as criminal charges, nest case, string the case is more, and blaspheme job crime and corruption to bribe to wait economy to commit crime mutual intertexture, blaspheme a job crime back usually conceal corruption to bribe to wait a job crime;Three is an ecoenvironment realm to blaspheme the loss that the job crime results in huge.With in 2013 for example, the check Cha organization checks to do of the ecoenvironment realm blaspheme the job crime case total amount leave 25 people dead, 12 people severely wounded, the economic loss is 3,114,000,000 dollars."

protection section or cent take

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Their winning doesn't  would not like to take charge of a pollution, but a lot of pollution of the environments aren't what environmental protection bureaus can take care of get come over."Wu Rong Liang once met officials to complain with him, if is over-weight to is a certain to pollute a business enterprise to fine money, it might close down, employment problem who come to be responsible for?In Wu Rong Liang's eyes, the environmental protection section doesn't have end right to speak to many environment problems, usually was one handle knob, two handle knobs in the region to say calculate.But in many delinquent in duty ditch job crime cases, be punished of usually Be just three handle knobs, four handle knobs that environmental protection section or cent take care of the realm.However, start in March, this year, there are some changes in the circumstance.The high check deployment develops for nike lebron 10 cheapperiod eight months of with break an environment resources crime for point of particularly the item register for the record to inspect an activity."The all levels check Cha organization actively throws in to arrive particularly an item to inspect in the activity, whole development power the head is good, result already first step present."Xiao Wei says that checking a Cha organization everywhere has already touched a row a batch of pollution of the environments case clues, at 3, in April this case's registersing for the record number has already increased 10%.The bus being a from top to bottom reforms just to promote in Hunan.The Yue sun, proper chapter is the city county that initiates a bus reform experimental unit first.Two cars change and differ with a "the currency turns a subsidy" of whole country fad form, but adopted "sunlight" means:To male

The car sticks on a label and carries on "technique supervision".And, both could attain "zero private use" or"zero over-standard" to obtain a very alike achievement.Three whole media reporter text correspondent Europes in Yellow sea smile proper chapter mode bus in a sky to brush an unified marking stanza day off to save and fill to send a car list with the car beard for 24 hours to accept to report proper chapter"the sunlight car changes" budget to decline 25% recently, proper chapter county dance the association change an election meeting to hold at the county governmental affairs center.Red plum in vice- county magistrate's valley that should invite to attend a meeting in a hurry comes out county government front door and recruited rushing through of a Mo to thenike air more uptempo olympic assembly hall out of 1 kilometer.Be pair county magistrate, red plum in the valley has power to send an official business car to send himself/herself, but she didn't do like this.Because the this day is Saturday, press the related rules of the county's"the sunlight car changes":Stanza day off and non- working hours, the official business is used a car to all seal to save.The unified marking car prints to have fresh and red"proper chapter" two words in the door, the car tail still has a set of refreshing"the official business is used a car" marking, and have to inspect a telephone for 24 hours-this is the Chen state proper chapter county official business is used unified"wear pack" of car currently."Currently whole counties 535 set official business the car have already all completed'unify to pack', unify to return a people centralized management in the bureau of county organization business."Proper chapter county Ji Wei inspects a room pair director, Tan Li Hong, to say.Rigidity

The stipulating proper chapter county implementation official business car reform is since January, this year.The county Wei document inflexible rule:Stanza day off and non- working hours, the official business car all seals to save the parking that the each organization, unit specifies to order, the working hours is used a car to fill in a county the inside is unified to print to make of parties car list, from then unit one handle knob signing can send a car.Inspect mechanism official business to use car marking up announce of reported a telephone to arrange for personnel's 24 hourses, the on duty accepted to complain and reported the true to the crowd and praised 300 dollars, and adopt anonymous protection towards reporting a person.Tan Li Hong introduces, next stage will with hand over a Jing section allied move, check illegal official business to use a car, further perfect take charge of a nike air max hyperdunk 2012 cheapmechanism."Any stanza day off and non- working hours hand over Jing and discover that the official business is used a car, can check, have never sent single car of car to hand over Jing to right away button up a car."The result bus use budget descends 25% Tan's benefits red introduction, pure this year clear, "51" two sections, county Ji Wei arrives each unit to patrol, all official business are used cars to all stop appointed position, have no bus private use of phenomenon.Proper chapter county stateowned property management director's Wu Yin's advice in the center tells a reporter, official business with the car marking turn to try to go over 4 months, the county department of finance rough statistics bus use budget descended above 25%."Reckon thus, a year

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